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Contrail Rockets 3200 cc Hardware set
Contrail Rockets 3200 cc Hardware set
This Contrail motor hardware set is certified for L369, L800, L1222, L1428, L2525, M711, M1491 and M2281 loads. The 3200cc tank is included: select a nozzle and combustion chamber for the reload kit you want to use. Select the Slow nozzle and Medium combustion chamber for the L369 and M711; the Medium nozzle and Medium combustion chamber for the M800, L1222, and M1491; and the Fast nozzle and Long combustion chamber for the L1428, L2525, and M2281.

This Hardware Set includes:
  • One nozzle (select Slow, Medium, or Fast when you order)
  • One combustion chamber (specify size when you order)
  • One tank assembly (with injector)
  • Bolts, vent connector, thrust ring and hardware
You can separately purchase different Nozzles and Combustion Chamber sizes to allow the use of different loads as more Contrail motor combinations are certified. For charts and details, see our Contrail Info Page.
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Price: $550.00
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