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Standard Ejection Canisters, 5-pack
Standard Ejection Canisters, 5-pack

The SEC-5B Ejection Canister uses a filament-based ignition system. It is just as reliable as an electric match or squib, and there is no requirement for special licensing, storage or HAZMAT shipping. The SEC-5B igniter has been tested with all commercially-available electronic altimeters, both 9 volt and 12 volt.

Ejection Canisters are supplied with 10 inch long wire leads, which are stripped and tinned. Each Ejection Canister is tested for resistance while it is being assembled, and the measured resistance is written on the canister. SEC-5B five-packs are supplied in a resealable bag for convenience.

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We recommend FFFG black powder, the same that is used in Aerotech reload kits. Smokeless powder (Pyrodex) works well if the canister is wrapped with PVC tape after loading to improve containment. Always test on the ground to make sure your ejection system works.

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Price: $12.00

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