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Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle


This is an updated low cost small tethered remotely operated underwater vehicle. It is designed to work in small water tanks such as open stock tanks of 100 gallons or greater and bath tubs. The ROV is a 4 motor design with two horizontal thrusters and two vertical thrusters. The motors are completely exposed to the water and will work for several
months depending on the quality of the water. The motors are inexpensive and easy to replace. A hook is included for the ROV to pick up and move objects. Soldering and simple hand tools are required for assembly. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Price: $70.00

Sten-Bot 4 Wheeled Robot Kit


The Sten-Bot is a fully programmable kit for a four-wheeled rover.

  • Rocker suspension system
  • IR receiver, control it with a TV remote!
  • Arduino or BASIC interpreter
  • Requires simple hand tools and 4 AA batteries 
  • Now with robot arm!
Price: $200.00

Sten-Bot 4 Wheeled WIFI Controlled Robot Kit


The Sten-Bot is a fully programmable kit for a four-wheeled rover controllable by any WIFI equipped computer.

  • Rocker suspension system
  • WIFI module for computer control
  • Robotic gripper
  • Arduino or BASIC interpreter
  • Requires simple hand tools and 4 AA batteries 
Price: $200.00

CANSAT Kit Model 2.0


The Rev 2 CANSAT kit is an update of the original with the USB integrated into the processor board, a terminal block for connecting a battery, and a power switch. The UART port has been updated for full UART signal access and a new connector has been added to provide access to two PWM ports for controlling servos. The sensor board has been updated with a new pressure sensor and two sensor expansion ports. The kit is compatible with the previous version. Lesson material has been rewritten.

Price: $199.00
Out of Stock

Arduino Experimenter's Kit


The Arduino Experimenter's Kit will get you started building devices with the Arduino operating system. Complete instructions are included, along with:

  • solderless breadboard
  • jumpers
  • USB cable
  • ultrasonic range sensor
  • 3 LEDs
  • speaker
  • IR receiver
  • photocell 
Price: $80.00

The Lander electronic payload


THE LANDER is designed to be deployed from a high power rocket, and simulates a planetary lander probe. A 24-inch X form parachute lowers it to the ground. On landing the side panels release, forcing the Lander upright to the Deployed position and starting its data transmission.
Price: $300.00

CANSAT Transmitter


The CANSAT Transmitter board is now available separately. Two frequencies are available. The board is also available with an antenna connector for $10 extra.

The CANSAT Transmitter can only be sold to HAM Licensees. You must include your call sign in the Comments block in the shopping cart.

Full details and diagrams

Price: $89.95
Out of Stock


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