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FullBoost Handheld Launch System


12 volts of ignition power in the palm of your hand! The FullBoost Handheld Launch System comes with 8 AA alkaline batteries already installed, so you're ready to launch immediately. When the batteries run down, snap the sides off the control box to open it and replace the AA cells. A 25 foot cable connects the FB to the launch pad, using common audio connectors so extension cords are easily added. Adding the optional Launch Tripod gives you all you need to launch our kits or similar model rockets with 1/8 inch launch lugs.
Price: $59.95

Fill Hose Extension


If you need more fill hose to connect to your hybrid motor, this 5-foot extension kit will do the job. One end connects to the Module 2 Valve Manifold or similar fill system with 1/8 NPT female connector. The other end accepts the different sized push-to-connect connectors supplied with the ULS-M2 to fit different fill hoses.
Price: $35.00

GO BOX Launch System


The GO BOX is a simple, inexpensive system that will fire any igniter. It uses any 12 volt battery (or your car battery with the optional cigar lighter plug) to provide plenty of power. The system comes with a 25 foot cable that plugs into the control box. Extensions are available. Optional Launch Tripod launching pad.
Price: $44.95

Universal Launch System 2.0, Module 1 Baseblock


The Universal Launch System 2.0 Baseblock Module is a versatile system that controls three conventional launch pads.  It will fire solid propellant rocket motors, single or cluster, of any size. An external battery provides 12 volts to the igniters through relays that can handle 40 amps. Add the ULS-M2 Valve Manifold and you're flying hybrid motors. The Baseblock includes a redesigned handheld controller, an internal digital voltmeter, and a standard 50 foot cable. Extension cables are readily available.
Price: $149.95

ULS Module 2: Valve Manifold


The ULS-M2 Valve Manifold attaches to a nitrous oxide supply tank and connects to control circuitry in the ULS-M1 Base Module. It allows you to fill and fire floating-injector hybrid motors. Adapters are included for all common hybrid motor fill tubes. Options include a pressure gauge and the BFV oversize fill valve.
Price: $275.00

ULS Module 3: GOX/HV Ignition Module


The GOX/HV Ignition Module allows you to fill and fire non-pyrotechnic (HyperTEK) motors with your ULS system. It includes a regulator for the gaseous oxygen (GOX) tank, and a control box that connects to the ULS-M1 Base Module to deliver GOX and a high voltage spark to the motor at ignition.
Price: $250.00
Out of Stock

SIXPACK Multiple Launch Controller


The SIXPACK is perfect for clubs and large groups. It controls up to six launch pads from a central Launch Control box. Any 12 volt battery may be used to power the system. Any launch pads may be used.
Price: $149.95

GO Box 25 Foot Extension Cable


The GO Box Extension Cable adds 25 feet to the distance between you GO Box controller and the launch pad. Extension Cables can be connected together for any length you want. Also works for the FullBoost launch system.
Price: $11.00

Nitrous Oxide Supply Tank, 20 pounds


This 20 pound NOX tank is suitable for all hybrid motors. Supplied with a CGA326 valve thread to match our ULS-M2 and most other hybrid launch systems. Siphon tube installed for upright operation.
Price: $259.00
Out of Stock

Pad Relay Module


The Pad Relay Module converts your conventional 12 volt launcher into a high power relay ignition system. The PRM connects a 12 volt battery at the pad directly to your igniters through a 40-amp relay. Any launch system capable of supplying 12 volts can be used to activate the PRM. Perfect for clusters and high-current igniters!
Price: $24.00



Complete set of push-to-connect pressure fittings, as included with the ULS-M2 Valve Manifold.
Price: $45.00

Pressure Gauge Upgrade for Valve Manifold Module


The Pressure Gauge is available separately or as an upgrade to the ULS-M2 Valve Manifold. Tee-fitting with 1/4NPT threads included.
Price: $45.00

Standard Fill Valve


For do-it-yourselfers, our Standard Solenoid Valve is your best choice for hybrid motor fill systems.
Price: $140.00

BFV Oversize Fill Valve


For people who want to build their own fill system, the BFV Oversize Fill Valve has twice the flow capacity of the "standard" fill valve. It draws 2.9 amps of current and does not require "solenoid saver" circuitry.
Price: $225.00



The Econo Valve is a less expensive option for building your own hybrid GSE. It should be used ONLY for smaller (G-H) motors.
Price: $120.00


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