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 Back by popular demand!


D Region Tomahawk kit

A simple, easily built kit with laser cut fins and balsa nose cone.
Available in bulk packs at a discount!
Perfect for schools, Scouts and classroom building
Flies with inexpensive A and B motors



Shake Hands with a Robot!

 Robot Arm Kit

The robotic arm is a simple kit with three metal geared servos and
acrylic components. The robotic arm includes an Arduino compatible
processor board and three potentiometers to control the servos.

Easy to build, no soldering, programmable!



We have a supply of HyperTek hardware and fuel grain (L and M size, no Js)
that was donated to the NOVAAR club, and we are offering it for sale at a discount
with the money going to the club. Email us for a list if you're interested.







New MARSA54L Flight Computer!

5 apogee detect modes
4 Pyro Outputs (staging, ejection),
programmable by time or altitude
An external LED that can be seen from a distance
Active firmware power management
Loud buzzer with adjustable tone
Extended flight recording times, up to 20 minutes

Compatible with future MarsaNET wireless devices, including remote onboard pyro boards.

Introductory price: $179.00


Info Pages

Here are some useful and interesting articles, video clips, including CanSat lesson plans, hybrid motor information, and other good stuff.


Pratt Hobbies is a specialty manufacturer; we don't try to carry everything you might need. For other hobby products, we highly recommend these companies. Each company listed here is run by personal friends, and we know that you will be well served when you choose their products.

bullet Performance Hobbies
bulletApogee Components, Inc.
bullet Quest Aerospace
bulletHangar 11
bulletLOC Precision
bulletPublic Missiles
bullet The Boomerang Man (an old friend with some cool flying stuff!)
bullet Aerotech Inc.
bulletAerospace Specialty Products
bulletMiller Motor Works
bulletTrue Modeler's Rocket Kits
bulletArt Applewhite Rockets
bulletX-Rockets Launch Pads
bulletFruity Chutes High Power Parachutes
bulletMARSA4 Flight Computer

More Information about the Sport of Rocketry

The National Association of Rocketry was founded over 55 years ago. NAR has taken the lead in getting rocketry legalized in places where it was covered by obsolete fireworks laws, and is in the forefront of the effort to keep the sport from being regulated to death. NAR writes the competition rules and sponsors most of the rocketry competitions in the USA. NAR members receive individual liability insurance coverage. Best of all, you get a subscription to  Sport Rocketry Magazine. We at Pratt Hobbies are proud to be long-term members of NAR (like, since 1964). Go to, write to the National Association of Rocketry, Box 407, Marion, IA 52302 or call 800-262-4872 for membership information.

The Tripoli Rocketry Association is devoted to the high power end of the sport. Through the Tripoli certification program, members can qualify to buy and use H and higher motors, hybrid motors and other advanced technology. Tripoli works closely with the NAR on regulatory and legal issues, and the two organizations are in harmony on their certification and engine testing programs. Write to Tripoli Rocketry Association, PO Box 970010, Orem, UT 84057-0010 for membership information.

We proudly support the educational programs of the Federation of Galaxy Explorers.

There is an active group of hybrid motor fliers on Yahoo Groups: hybridrocketmotors.


Guy Help!
Are you clueless when it comes to finding gifts for your Significant Other? Welcome to the club. We found professional help, from a rocket wife who offers Avon® products!


For the best in rocketry simulation software and excellent kits, we recommend Apogee Components!

Our R&D Department!



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